Weeds and Clutter

A first rite of warming weather is to find our way outdoors
to pull weeds and prepare for planting.
That take-a-deep-breath feeling of cleared flower beds is uplifting –
similar to releasing clutter.
Step inside and glance back to see how
clear and pleasing your effort looks -
a way prepared for new growth.

Now transfer the energy of outside weeding
to inside clutter clearing.
You feel the same enthusiasm of making way for something new.

Webster writes a weed is a plant ‘not valued where it is growing’.
For some reason it is easier to see the under-valued outside
between the jasmine and geranium than to recognize it inside
on shelves and in cabinets.

Weeds and clutter are similar
in taking up space and limiting new growth.

One removes energy and nutrients from the soil,
the other crowds energy and opportunity from our lives.
Our work is in discerning what serves us and what does not.

While it is necessary to check between plants for weed sprouts
it is somehow less inviting,
even daunting to open stored boxes
looking for what is no longer of value
to whom we have become.

First, try clutter clearing 'lite'.
Walk through your home with a cardboard box and skim.
Place in it the obvious:
catalogues donning Santa on the cover,
the project you lost interest in months ago,
books you've read stacked on your night stand,
the toddler toys your Kindergartener ignores,
scattered pooch toys and empty catnip mice.

Now, take a few minutes and put these in their rightful places.
Quick and painless.

Energetically speaking, you just took a huge step!
Can you feel it?
A little bit?

Weeds spring right up to get our attention.
Be kind to yourself.
Take a gentle step toward recognizing and letting go of
what no longer supports Who You Are.
Start in an uncomplicated way – set 20 minutes aside for one area,
or clean a particularly messy cabinet.

What to keep is easy.

Safeguard family photos,
and important documents.
Gems you hold dear –
anything you would sorely miss if it were not part of your life.
Hold on to what makes you laugh and smile;
and to what makes you feel light and happy.
Save what brings a tear to your eye because the memory is lovely.

What to give up?
Let go of articles you have not used
in the last six months to a year;
release what you do not use and do not love;
thingamajigs that might take you months to notice were missing.
If it has a heavy air about it and tugs at you emotionally,
let that go too.

Where to begin?
Recall the different life areas or look at the
Bagua map to refresh.
Start clearing clutter in one of two places:
the room so crowded you are uncomfortable spending time there or
Feng Shui life area you would like energized.
It is highly likely these two places are one and the same.

Remember also, to
clear clutter in the nooks and crannies
(i.e. attic, basement, garage, out buildings, your car, and the motor home).
No, you may not clean up the clutter in one area
and move it to another.
We are 'clutter clearing' not 'clutter moving'.
Transplanting weeds?
I don’t think so.

To give your clearing an energetic boost,
be conscious of gratitude for your needs being met,
and set an intention for The Universe to bring
everything appropriate for Who You Are now.

Like tending the soil in preparation for your blooming garden,
begin clearing out drawers and shelves
to welcome a breath of fresh air –
a swoosh you can actually feel.

Shoes and Clutter

To Rake or Not to Rake

In gratitude and with the intention to serve.
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Feng Shui
is acknowledging
an energetic
in the items
with which
we choose
to surround
our Selves.
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Clearing clutter is
the single most important action
causing a shift toward
the Greater Good in your life.

It's that easy.
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