Going Green with Gray Water

Your region may experience a water shortage
due to less than normal rainfall.
For this reason, whether you are on city- or well-water,
reducing consumption makes sense.
Consider collecting gray water
a practical way to reduce and reuse.

Thankfully, numerous systems
to conserve and reuse gray water exit today.
However, many of these are expensive
and frequently arrive with complex
operating and maintenance directions.
Depending on where you live,
government regulations may also play a part.

If you wish to conserve,
this bucket-in-the-sink practice offers
an easy way for you to get the ball rolling ... floating.

The thought to conserve water in our home
began several years ago with day-old pooch water.
Rather than pouring the gray water from her bowl
down the drain,
we started using it to Greenly
care for the potted plants outside our front door,
the Feng Shui Mouth of Chi.
This felt right and we found the geraniums
did not notice a difference -
they were as blooming happy as ever.

Five years ago our eyes and consciousness widened
noticing cool, almost-clear water
whirling down the drain.
Buckets-full vanish every day:
water lost before heating enough to wash dishes,
the remains after steaming veggies or boiling eggs,
pasta water,
and a bit from rinsing out the coffee pot.

We go through quite a splash washing our hands,
especially when we participate in the healthy habit of
simultaneously singing “Happy Birthday”.
Water by the gallon goes down the drain every day –
gray water we might use in a number of ways.

The intention to conserve and reuse more gray water
expanded to placing a plastic bucket
under the kitchen sink faucet.
If trying this calls to you,
look in the garage for a plastic bucket
rather than buying one.
It’s Greener to use a container you already have.

Therein we collect water, not contaminated,
that would ordinarily go down the drain.
(Contaminated includes anything ants might savor.)
Collect gray water sans sugar and fat.
Pour the last cold black coffee
or tea sip into the mixture.
No juice or food crumbs, please.

Be careful children do not play in this water
and pets do not drink it.

Ants are not interested in,
and plants do not seem to mind,
hand or dish soap rinsed into the gray water.
Plants are also not bothered by
pasta-starch residue in the water.
Luckily, soap and starch
dissolve into the soil.

The amount of gray water
collected and reused will amaze you.
If your planted areas are small, like ours,
uncoiling the garden hose becomes a rare occurrence.

Other Green uses for gray water are to
pour it into a crusty saucepan for soaking
or rinse plastic packaging before
tossing into the recycle container.
Let used gray water flow down the drain.

Will gray-water collecting shrink the water bill?

It has not reduced ours even once -
but the exercise does conserve water.
If you were to start using gray water
and your friend or neighbor were
and their friend or neighbor tries it,
the Green ball would be on its way.
This practice can positively affect
water conservation in a very easy way.

Does water conservation energize
Feng Shui?
Yes, whenever we take a step toward
increasing our connection with Green (i.e. Gaia),
or consciously acknowledge and appreciate
our homes and neighborhoods,
we breathe life into Feng Shui.

Remember, the Feng Shui
Water element symbolizes opportunity and money.
This being so, repair all drips and leaks.
We value water and do not want
our conservation energy undone by
drip… drip… drip.

To carry this Feng Shui thought a step further,
the entry door to your home may be in
Career Life Area (front, center third),
use this doorway to take the gray water
from indoors to the plants.
Water, the Career Life Area element,
and the front-door Mouth of Chi combine energies,
so taking water through this passage is
another way to acknowledge the flow.
All variety of opportunities flow in and out of our lives -
we welcome and accept good fortune
simultaneously demonstrating our ability to pay it forward.

Pouring gray water for blooms is an
auspicious time to express gratitude.
We are blessed to have water enough to drink,
even to share with our pets and plants.

Feng Shui for World Peace

Affirming Statements of Intention and Gratitude

In gratitude and with the intention to serve.
Feng Shui at Your Service
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Clearing clutter is
the single
most important action
causing a shift toward
the Greater Good
in your life.

It's that easy.

"2005 marks the beginning of the
United Nations Decade of Water.
learn all we can about water, the
most precious resource on our
planet, and to help shift the
consciousness through our
thoughts, through our words and
prayers, and through our
commitment to respect each
other with love and gratitude. May
our understanding of water help
bring peace to all humankind."

Masaru Emoto
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