To Rake or Not to Rake

Look down and see last springs sprouting miracles
now crunchy and curly under your feet.
Depending on your trees,
possibly millions of crunchies are under foot.
To rake or not to rake, that is the question.
At least one of them...

What a mess, dead leaves all over the place!
If you are lucky, only ankle deep.
They stick to your shoes and to the dog.
Sometimes they’re slippery-slimy and
sometimes dry and crisp with a scent so earthy we jump in.

Feng Shui OK with leaving the little decaying
slips of tree lore here and there to
leach back into Mother Earth in their own time?
Is this a way to nurture next year’s crop of sprouts and flowers?
No, it is not.
Remember, Feng Shui frowns on

We weed through clutter indoors
and raking is the equivalent of
clutter clearing outdoors.

It is not optimal Feng Shui to leave the leaves;
optimal Feng Shui removes them.
Chi is alive and thriving,
growing and expanding.
Fallen foliage is lifeless and
energetically supports no thing.

Consider this.
The Feng Shui
Bagua can be superimposed over an entire property.
Imagine a huge deciduous tree in the rear left corner:
Abundance and Prosperity life area.
Do fallen leaves represent how you feel about prosperity?

Maybe a wintery, leafless tree lives in the rear right corner:
Relationship Life Area.
Crunchy leaves don’t conjure up warm and huggy, do they?

Or what if...
it only gets worse.
Trust me on this, please, and pick up the rake.

When raking the leaves
remember to peek under the low-growing trees
and bushes, be sure all Chi-less tidbits are removed.
If the out-of-sight dead leaves are left behind
they too will impact your life.
Be thorough and when possible, be Green.
If you have a home with a front and back yard
try to manage the leaves with a rake.
Take this opportunity to conserve energy and not use a blower.

Raking may also be a time to meditate;
similar to a walking meditation.

Repeat a statement of gratitude for the
consistent demonstration of abundance
you stand knee-deep in or maybe repeat a mantra.
‘Be’ with nature.

Set an intention while raking
for the cleared space to open your home (i.e. your life)
to new experiences, fresh growth,
and a willingness to release the Chi-less that does not serve you.
Be specific with your intention.
Just like when you clear indoors, something new rushes in.

Once all the leaves are gathered up
you may consider placing the heaps in your compost bin or
garden waste to be recycled and reused by your community.

If you are new to composting,
check with a local arborist or nursery about the
compostability of your particular type of leaves.
Will these enhance the quality of your compost or diminish it?
Are these particular decaying leaves safe for humans,
pets, and all who visit your garden
(to include the feathered and multi-legged)?

You will love how this feels!
This is not just clearing leafy debris from your surroundings,
it’s an experience of opening up for all matter of aliveness!

Take a look. This isn’t really a ‘former' miracle is it?

Weeds and Clutter

Going Green with Gray Water

In gratitude and with the intention to serve.
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