Many thanks to my clients
who wrote these kind words.

You are a blessing.

"Vikki came into my home bringing her calm, grounded energy
and helped me transform areas in my home
correlating to the areas that were not working in my life,
including my love life.
Not long after I made the changes Vikki recommended,
my commitment-phobic boyfriend
asked to take our relationship to the next level.
Five years later and we're still happy. Thanks, Vikki!"

Katrine K.
Novato, CA

"It was a blessing having you come over
because it wasn't coming from me to ask my boyfriend's help.
You told us what we need to do and he heard it. Yay!!!
Thank you, thank you!"

Laura A.
Rohnert Park, CA

"I am endlessly grateful for the all time, caring, and joy
you have given and continue to give me.
I get more and more enthused
as each cure is acquired and placed with intention.
This feels so good, and is really helping to lift depression.
My landscaper is also caught up in this and is going to your web site."

Beverly L.
Gresham, OR

"This is amazing,
you just have the Chi of The Universe in your being,
guess that is why you are so good at what you do … "

M. O'Connell
Rohnert Park, CA

"Dear Vikki,
Thank you so much for the energy, effort, thought and caring
that you contributed to my life yesterday.
I had no idea that Feng Shui offered the
depth of understanding and impact that you brought.
I believe it is you and the caring and intelligence
you bring to your practice that
helps people connect to this amazing energy.
Thank you again!"

Louise S.
Healdsburg, CA

Thank you.
Since implementing just a couple suggestions
my income has increased about four fold.
It is as much work as I want right now,
so I am keeping the rest of your suggestions for when I need them.
What a bargain!"

Elliott F.
Cotati, CA

"News Flash!
Moving small side table near front door makes huge difference!

After cogitating on the advice of Feng Shui expert, Vikki Albers,
Ellen moves the boxes of magazines,
placing an affirmation in each one,
to the Abundance area.

Realizing that was not enough,
she discovers the small side table, also near the front door,
will easily fit under her desk area,
providing a new, more efficient, use of the space
for her printer and supplies.

Magic happens as the entryway completely opens up,
the Career life area re-vitalized with increased
efficiency and success is ready, set, GO -
welcoming the next level of success and opportunity!

As though this were not enough, Ellen decides to really go for it.
She cancels her cable service, realizing it does not support success
and combines her phone and Internet service through one source –
streamlining her bill, saving money,
and getting new and up-to-date phones in the process –
a boost to communication energy!

Ellen breathlessly awaits the New Moon to light a candle,
re-write her affirmations for the specific New Moon area
and institute her plans for increasing business
in the arenas of her heart’s desires."

Ellen D.
Santa Rosa, CA

"Because we have to budget our time and money
we haven’t made any big dramatic changes at once.
this slow Feng Shui approach allows us to
really feel the difference each change makes;
a little more peace of mind and a sense of flow
are two qualities we notice with each change."

Peter S.
Santa Rosa, CA

"I am now working a job I love,
for a boss that rocks,
and living in a great little house!
Thank you, Vikki."

Amy L.
Fresno, CA

"In our living room, at the prosperity corner,
we have a chime clock that had not worked for several months.
No matter what, I couldn’t get it to keep ticking.
As we had discussed,
I never felt like I had enough time to do
anything/everything I needed to accomplish.
I didn’t put two-and-two together until after your visit
when I had a picture of that clock in my mind and
knew exactly what I needed to do:
either replace the clock or repair it!
I worked on the clock that evening and
it has been ticking and chiming every
half hr/hr – like… clock work!
AND I have enough time!!
In fact, sometimes it feels like I have as much time
and even more than I need!!
It is AMAZING – even my Mom
cannot believe how much I am getting done in a day,
and at work my time-management has impressed
my Manager and Director as well as myself!

Nicole is sleeping in her own room and
it was much easier than I thought.
She is loving being such a big girl!

I could not be happier with the change of energy in our home.
I am having the best time getting my house in order …
and this is giving me freedom to expand my
thoughts and emotions toward good things.
Thanks, Vikki, for everything."

Liz W.
Santa Rosa, CA

"Now the contracts are coming in.
Is it Feng Shui?
The timing is certainly curious!"

John D.
New York, NY

"I enjoyed the consultation immensely because
of Vikki’s practical approach.
She advised to take what worked
and to ignore anything that didn’t resonate with me.
She also realized it’s difficult to do everything all at once,
so she encouraged me to do what I could when I could.

I was especially interested in ramping up my career
and increasing abundance in my life.
I think what shifted for me most was the area of
Helpful People & Travel.
I recently met two women whom I believe will guide me
in truly ramping my business to the level which I aspire.

So “Thank You” with all my heart for the process.
It created a receptiveness in me to recognize I needed
Helpful People to achieve my dreams."

Kathy H.
Rohnert Park, CA

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