New to Feng Shui?  Start here!

If you are a Feng Shui beginner,
this is the place to dip your toe in.
No previous experience required.

This ancient Chinese art and science
acknowledges energy in, around,
and through every thing:
you and me,
us and them,
this and that,
and all the space between.

Use Feng Shui tools to align your
environment with your desires.
Practicing Feng Shui adds power
to your ability to redirect circumstances.
What is it you want to be, do, and have?
Find out what to move, modify, and release
to support your vision of your future.
These straightforward articles outline
cures and enhancements
raising your vibration
to advance the life you choose.

Appreciate your space
as well as tend to it.

Whether you are familiar with
the energy of your surroundings
or curious about Feng Shui principles,
you have selected the perfect time for
an energetic nudge.

Acknowledging, appreciating,
and interacting with Feng Shui
offers greater balance in your home
translating to increased harmony for you.

Try these easy
suggestions for uplifting results.

Be gentle with yourSelf.
Take one-step at a time.
Building Rome took more than a day,
as may your Feng Shui shift.
(Actually, there are times
change happens head-spinningly fast.)

Allow time for an observant walk
through your home.
Start at the entry and
meander into each room,
up the stairs,
down every hallway,
and out to the garden.
What do you see? How does it feel?

Do you prefer the feel of
some rooms to others?
Make note of what you find pleasing
(and not so much).

As your Feng Shui walk-about continues,
peek at the entryway -- the Mouth of Chi.
Keep this area open, pleasing, and
attractive inviting splendid possibilities.

Clean the front door, inside and out
-- spritz the window, polish the brass,
and wipe the threshold.
Oh, goodness!
Yes, if a holiday is over
(be it Christmas, Easter, or the 4th of July),
remove the commemorative wreath;
if you replace it,
use a material other than dried
-- silk flowers are lovely.
If outside decorative lights trim the house
and the illuminated holiday is over,
pack them up for next time.

The beginning of a year marks
an auspicious time to replace the doormat -
worn or not.
If it got by you this year,
you may replace the mat at any time.

As you tidy,
intend gratitude
for the blessings you realize
and those yet to be.

Things are starting to sparkle now!

Dust and sweep the fallen leaves from
around the front door
and path leading to it.
Brush away the cobwebs.
Illumine the way by washing
the outside light fixtures
and replacing burned-out bulbs.
Pull up or cut away plants not thriving,
replace the greenery.
Trim bushes and trees
blocking the view from your windows.
Clean the birdbath and feeders,
stock up on seed and nectar.

Tend also to the inside entryway.
clutter - especially if
it keeps the front door from opening completely.
We do not want our knocking good-fortune
to inhale and scootch in sideways.
Make room.

Swing open the door,
enormous opportunities await!

Sweep, vacuum, mop, dust.
mirrors, pictures, and frames.
Polish the light fixtures.
Add your favorite aroma.

What is happening in the pantry?

If it has been a while
since you cleaned there,
empty the contents and
put back only future-dated
and fresh edibles.
Do the same in the medicine cabinet
tossing all medications,
prescription and over-the-counter therapies,
lingering beyond shelf life.
Check with your pharmacist who is familiar with
local medication-disposal practices.
Move forward fresh as a daisy;
leave yesterday’s foodstuffs and remedies behind.

Look under the beds. Don’t be afraid.

Empty space allows Chi to
circle around, over and under,
as you sleep.
What is under there?
If you find running shoes
('let's go, get up, don't rest, go-go-go' energy),
boxed up ancient history
('what was I thinking', 'why did I say that' energy),
or a colony of dust bunnies
('something is not right', 'why am I stuck' energy),
your work is cut out for you.
Empty under there and clean.
(If you are pregnant,
leave under the bed as-is;
clear and clean after your baby arrives.)

How about the garage?
Bad news?

I know.
Miscellaneous items
we hesitate to let go of
accumulate there;
things pile up,
and much of it will not be used again.
Typically, we create as much horizontal surface
as the space and structure will allow.
Let me say,
it may be possible to hide
in the garage from Aunt Eileen,
but there is no hiding from Chi.

Try this:
every week before you roll your
garbage, garden, and recycle containers to the curb,
drop an unused and neglected thing in with it.
Think of it as contributing to
your clear-thinking future.
Involve the household,
ask each member to
select an item for discard next week
briefly justifying their choice
(if the explanations are lengthy,
let the soapbox be the next item to go
and bring the egg-timer next week).
It will not take long
to make an almost-painless difference.
Try it.

Spinning through your home
making Feng Shui adjustments,
what are you thinking about?
Focusing thought while
applying energetic adjustments,
adds oomph (i.e. Power) to your actions.
Set a clear and mindful
with the mundane cures and
enhancements you place.
Here are three examples for
tending to the entry-door area:

“In gratitude and appreciation,
I welcome every uplifting and
expanding opportunity to my life.”


“I intend great Love and Joy
to all who live or visit here.”


"I intend increased
Love and Joy for my Self
and for every One on Earth."

We use Feng Shui principles for direction.
It is up to each of us individually
to couple these principles with
our feeling intuition to arrive at a place
where we feel uplifted
and experience forward motion.
As you work and play through your process,
so much begins with
an appreciation of your life
(inside and out),
personal environment,
tending to your surroundings,
and releasing a need to cling to weighty clutter.
This is not all of it, but a solid beginning.

So far, so good?

I hope you find these suggestions helpful.
As you play with these ideas,
each change will invigorate how you feel
encouraging your next step.

May this shiny,
spruced-up space honor you,
every One, and every good thing
entering your home.
May it be a blessing to all
who so much as gaze upon it!

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The Feng Shui Bagua

In gratitude and with the intention to serve.
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Feng Shui
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in the items
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we choose
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