If the shoe fits …

You are familiar with the proverb
“If the shoe fits, wear it” and
may have noticed no proverb for the shoe not fitting –
except for a verse the evil step-sisters might have sung.
Consider with me the metaphorically fitting shoe,
as well as the metaphorically ill-fitting shoe.

Imagine you from the bottom up
wearing shoes not your size,
a skirt or trousers too long,
a huge and heavy jacket,
and a floppy-brimmed hat covering your eyes.
Let your mind's eye capture this image.

Still imagining, reach to your knees and
pull up on your skirt or trousers and… run!
Why yes, run.
OK then, walk.
If you imagined gorgeous, strappy Jimmy Choo stilettos
picture something more comfortable.
Better? Not really?
Too much continues to be too much?

While forward motion remains possible
it is greatly hampered by the too-muchness of your attire,
your body draped in ill-fitting clothes.
These garments were sized correctly
at some other time, but those days are gone.
Who can move in all this?

Ah! Exactly the question your Chi asks!

Life force energy enters your home through the front door
(the Mouth of Chi)
and will, if you cling to clutter,
have a difficult time moving beyond the coat rack.
Chi, meet Too-muchness.

Feng Shui energy supports us no matter what.
We decide on the extent we are open
to accepting this flowing benefit.
If our environments stagnate with clutter
and the Chi moves slowly,
an uphill climb results rather than flow.
If our spaces lack clutter and are clean,
the Chi freely flits and dances about
like so many carefree butterflies.

Achieving in life is challenged when
our surroundings encumber our movement.
We do not consider wearing
ill-fitting clothes from another era
yet we cling to belongings having outlived their
emotional or practical usefulness.

Regardless of how life looks now,
the likelihood exists for an opening to
abundance in one life area or another.
This opening resides in clear, clutter-free spaces.
If you are short on clear and clutter-free rest assured,
the energy waits while you ready the space.
(Notice Chi patiently sitting outside your door
whistling and twiddling its thumbs?)

This abundance could be in the form of
relationships, health, family, work, a variety of things,
and yes, money too.
Some of the abundance may arrive in the form of ‘stuff’.
A difference exists between the old and the new stuff;
what you attract presently better suits who you are today,
right now.

There are no voids in The Universe, no gaping holes.

An empty drawer or room calls for something new to fill the space;
something better fitting than what you just gave up.

As you toss the kit-and-caboodle into boxes destined for the thrift shop
you may feel like grumbling a little under your breath,
let yourSelf do that.
These items were accumulated a piece or two at a time and
now you are faced with clearing out en masse.
Not pleasant.
No, no.

Keep in mind with the tossing and grumbling,
these moments get the Chi flowing.
You want to feel clarity as this process concludes.
Remember the last time you cleaned out closets or the garage?
At completion it was not with the clear shelves you were impressed,
it was the feeling.
You didn’t say “This looks better.” with any sense of excitement;
it was the “Wow, this feels great!”
that made it worthwhile and caused a shift.

Now, take off the floppy hat and go shift your life.
Welcome in the waiting Chi.

Clothing Swap: We grow, we change…

In gratitude and with the intention to serve.
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"We do not need to be
to know if our shoes fit,
and just as little have we any need
to be professionals
to acquire knowledge
of matters of universal interest."

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel