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Our goal in using the
ancient Chinese art and science of Feng Shui
is to cause a shift in the Chi,
the energy of your particular surroundings.
If you are considering
bringing Feng Shui into your spaces,
chances are you have concerns about
your life's evolution.

We address concerns important to
your experience today
and your thoughts about the future.

Each of the
nine life areas in your space
are reviewed for balance and alignment
with your desired life experience.

Are you in relationship with a wonderful person
but feelings are lukewarm lately?
There may be something lack-luster lurking
in your Relationship Life Area.
Rather than looking to attract a new relationship,
we'll see how the present one might be brought to shine.

Using Feng Shui principles,
your space is brought into alignment with
the tomorrow you consciously choose.

If financial abundance is a part of
the life you wish to create,
a thorough going-over is in order for
your Abundance Life Area.
What if Abundance area energy is
not keeping money out of your reach?
Well, let's see.
Oh-oh. There it is.
Remove the painting in your Career Life Area
of the sad clown pulling at turned out,
penniless pockets.
That will serve your financial future!

(Happy days are here again... or soon will be.)

Which areas of your life
are you called to change?

Your desires prioritize
your Feng Shui ‘To Do’ list
and where your work and play begins.

We review for balance in every life area -
as your home shifts to greater balance,
your life experience follows.
Where energetic imbalance exists,
Feng Shui suggestions to remedy are made.
Once remedied,
the energy of your space shifts
toward greater harmony
empowering you to move forward
with greater ease and Grace.

Shifts are made by employing some or all
Feng Shui
cures and enhancements:
light, movement,
color, sound, crystals,
and the Feng Shui elements.
Generally, these are
simple and economical changes to place.

As is sometimes the case,
a remedy might be removing an item
from one life area
and placing it in another
or releasing it altogether.

One client was ready for a relationship
but had little opportunity to meet new people.
We found tucked away and forgotten
in her bedroom closet
wedding photo's from her
less than happy previous marriage.
She decided to throw them away
and after she did
the dating doors opened up.

Adjustments will strengthen
the Chi serving you,
and remedy the Chi that does not.

In addition to mundane changes,
you will use the
most powerful aspect of Feng Shui:
setting goals for success
using the strength of your vision and thoughts.
A specific intention directed
toward your specific outcome,
will bring your desire to you.

Mundane changes alone are slow to show results -
your intention behind the cure adds oomph.
Mundane additions and subtractions
open your space to receptivity -
your intention adds the final touch
setting your effort in motion.

It is my desire that Feng Shui support you in
reaching your highest vision of success
in your personal and professional life.

Please e-mail or phone with any questions you may have.
707 . 315 . 1629

I look forward to being of service.

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