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There Must Be 50
Feng Shui Ways

Paul Simon sings,
“There must be fifty ways to leave your lover.”
This number increases when we add
Feng Shui to the plan … Stan.
If you are stuck in sticky and too frail to move forward
after separation or divorce,
let these simple Feng Shui suggestions
direct you to Self-assurance and inner Peace.

If the top tier of your wedding cake is in the freezer,
release it with gratitude honoring the
intention of love
and commitment set that day.
If the wedding bouquet is stored, let the dried flowers go;
dead blossoms are an inappropriate energy for these times
(any times!).

Claim, in a gentle and loving way,
that a new and transformed life begins here and now.
Make every effort to surround yourSelf with
what makes you feel at Peace.
The value of
clearing clutter and cleaning
cannot be overemphasized.

The relocating spouse ideally moves
all their belongings to their new home.

Taking their possessions on moving day
supports healing, wholeness,
and conquers fragmented feelings.
This situation also holds fewer reasons to glance back,
encouraging them, and the non-relocating spouse,
to plan their next step looking to the future
(as they are ready).

The three main
Feng Shui Life Areas
to support a respectful, amicable, mindful separation
are the Skills and Knowledge, Relationship, and Family areas.
This is not to suggest that family comes last,
but rather the energy of the first two life areas builds
a foundation to support your family circle
in a stronger more prepared way.

Standing at your front door, facing in,
the Skills and Knowledge Life Area is to the front left of the
Bagua Grid.
A Feng Shui
enhancement here might be seven potted plants
(roundish leaves, nothing hanging, not bonsai or cacti).
Seven is the number aligning with this area;
soil and pottery represent the Earth element (nurture, grounding);
and plants represent Wood (growth, expansion),
the Family area element.
Blue earthen pots,
the color resonating with Skills and Knowledge,
add even more strength to your enhancement.

intention might be for an opening to the wisdom of
how to proceed for the Higher Good of everyone.

Intend a willingness to see and honor the Truth in each other;
or for profound understanding and happiness
to fill each heart with the awareness that life teems with change.

From the front door, at the far right rear you find
the Feng Shui Relationship Life Area.
For a relationship ritual, purchase two new white candles
(do not use two you already have).
Two identical, substantial candles, you can burn knowing you are safe.
Do this with your spouse, if you are comfortable,
if not, on your own is as powerful for you.

When you have quiet time,
gather paper and pen, and light the candles.
Sit in silence to consider appreciation.
As the words come, write down what you most appreciate
and are grateful for about the connection –
remain open to forgiveness.

You may want to do this more than once.
You may not want to do it at all.

If appreciation and gratitude are too much to ask right now,
invite a willingness in that direction.
Ask yourSelf for a willingness
to take part in greater, more conscious Self-care.
Even ask for a willingness to be willing to consider being willing.

The Feng Shui Family Life Area is the center section on the left,
looking in from the front door.
This is the most auspicious location
to place family photos (in wooden frames).
The photos most in support of this new dynamic
are of you with the children, your spouse with the children,
or the children together.

Please, no images of you with your spouse.
The family portrait has changed;
all members are present just configured a bit differently.
Include photos of significant family members,
and people who feel like loving family –
pets are welcome too.

Also, add an item identifying
each of your children as an individual -
something they made,
something dear to them they would be proud to display,
even a photo - let them choose.
Placing these 'individual' items in the Family Life Area celebrates
the person they are and
acknowledges their importance within the family.
Intend gratitude for an ever-evolving, compassionate,
and loving family.

This is a most trying time.
You take one plodding step after another and seem to barely snail forward.
Then at last, one day not long from now,
you arrive at a place with a refreshing breeze,
a unique vista, people are smiling, and so are you!

And so it is!

Please remember,
whether you subscribe to the Law of Attraction
or to what-goes-around-comes-around,
be kind.

Bedroom Sizzle

Affirming Statements of Intention and Gratitude

In gratitude and with the intention to serve.
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"If people around you are in the grip
of strong emotions, sense your soul
act, you might say something to
yourself such as, "I now choose peace
and love." Keep lifting solar plexus
energy into your heart center to
surrender any urge to react in an
unloving way. It takes great
self-awareness and continual
attention to consistently love and
erase all desire to hurt. Not hurting
others is one of the greatest
challenges and a most important step
to take to awaken your heart centers."

--Sanaya Roman
“Every time you smile at someone,
it is an action of love, a gift to
that person, a beautiful thing.”

Mother Teresa of Calcutta