Living with Pack Rat

We all know the rat takes the cheese.
The rat taking the cheese is not the problem.
The rat keeping the cheese is wherein the difficulty lies.
The rat who keeps the cheese is usually
also the rat clinging to last years junk mail,
empty cardboard boxes,
and the owner’s manual for the hot-air corn popper
purchased in 1987
(and donated to the thrift store in 1992).

Does this hoarding little rodent have a name?
Indeed:  Pack Rat.

If Pack Rat resides in your home, you are not an isolated case.
The nationwide numbers loom large and grow –
households across the country harbor these critters.
Now what?

Clarity of intent is the first step.
Your intention may not be
to change the dear clutter-clinger you live with.

We are not here to change each other
(lift each other up whenever possible,
but not change).

Intend a comfortable home where you are excited to
spend time with people you love.

To begin the process of releasing a clogged-up feeling in your home,
start with what you have control over: your belongings.
I know.
You are not the problem here, they are.
If you look around, surely there is something you can release.
Some of those old magazines and catalogs
are addressed to you.
Some of what fills the catch-all corner or back room
is more yours than theirs.
When is the last time the hall closet was excavated?

If it were possible to
look around your home and see only clutter
(everything else invisible),
10% of that cluttery stuff is yours.
Start there.
Straighten it out, put it away, throw it away,
organize a garage sale or take it to a thrift store.
Move it along. Gone. Whew!
This feels better, and you have yet to start!

Here is the key.
You must keep up with it.
Every day.

Do not accomplish great things pulling your Rat Packy portion
from the back bedroom to establish a new pile in the garage.
This will slow the shift in energy you are moving toward.

Energy will cause the change.
The energy of belongings removed from the back bedroom?
In part, but the strongest force causing change is your intention.
You have an altered mindset:
you acknowledge living in a clutter-free home,
and are beginning to see it.
The shift you create within your thinking and feeling Self
changes the energy of your surroundings.
Your space may not resemble this now, but it will.

When you claim living in a clutter-free home and you feel it,
eventually, everyone else comes to know and feel it too.

The energy you claim
becomes part of the energy of your home;
other people occupying the space feel it
and will join in.

It happens.

Ready for the delightful part?
There are no voids in The Universe.
None. Zip. Nada.
Once something is moved out,
something else moves in filling the space.
As you go about moving and shifting the old and forgotten,
new things and experiences flow into your life in a variety of forms.
Because this energy is wise, the new forms are
more appropriate to who you are now.

A new ‘thing’ will replace the outdated ‘thing’ you just released.
These 'things' may also manifest as improvements at work,
a raise or new clients would be nice.
Occasions with family grow into frequent and fun.
Improved grades at school.
Frequent headaches fade to seldom.

Exactly how your changes will manifest, I do not know.
I do know, with effort and intention the changes
cannot be stopped.
It happens.


Weeds and Clutter

In gratitude and with the intention to serve.
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