Nine Feng Shui Life Areas

Has this happened to you
while visiting different homes?
One you cannot wait to exit, exit, run,
and the other calls you
to get cozy and put your feet up.
All homes, all spaces, every thing around you
provides the energetic experience of Feng Shui.
We are 'clogged' or we ‘flow’.

The Feng Shui Life Areas and
Bagua Grid
will make greater sense once you begin to
consciously interact with your surroundings.

Bagua is an energy map
used to determine life area locations
when superimposed over a space --
actually, a drawing or blueprint of a space.
You can determine life-area locations
by superimposing the Bagua over
drawings or blueprints of a property,
a home,
an office,
a room,
your tabletop altar,
or any area with boundaries.

To better understand the variety of energies,
review these brief descriptions of
the nine Feng Shui Life Areas.

Feng Shui invites us to
view our surroundings
in an extraordinary way.
Seeing with Feng Shui eyes,
our surroundings reveal what supports
an abundant, fulfilling life and what limits it.
Have fun locating the life areas in your home
but first peek here for life-area descriptions
in nine little nutshells.

Fame and Reputation

Start with Fame and Reputation,
the area not necessarily about being famous
but all about YOU.
How do you love yourSelf?
How do you present yourSelf?
How do others perceive you?
This area resonates with
the Fire element,
the color red,
the number 1,
and the triangular shape
(point up, like a flame).

If there are parts of yourSelf
you would like to enhance, try this:
on white paper with a red marker write about yourSelf
(e.g. I am grateful to feel limitless!
I love mySelf and am filled with Joy!
I am kind, clear thinking, and successful.
I enjoy people and they enjoy me.).
These written thoughts energetically support you,
especially when placed in the Fame and Reputation Life Area.
If you love what you penned about yourSelf,
also place a copy in your purse or wallet
or use it as a bookmark,
it will serve as a reminder of your essence,
the magnificent core of Who You Are.


The Relationship area is about
relating one-to-one, someone else and you.
Romantic relationships are the most interesting,
but only a part of this life area (the largest part).
This section is also the domain of
relationships with one other person
(i.e. your physician, not the practice;
your boss, not the whole company;
your cousin, not the clan).

This area resonates with the Earth element;
the colors red, pink, and white;
the number 2 (of course); and the circular shape.
bedroom represents Relationship,
as does the Relationship Life Area of your home
(which may be two different
Bagua locations).
If your mate is yet to appear,
leave a bedroom drawer empty, closet space available,
and be sure their side of the bed is easily accessible
(not pushed up against a wall).
This is the place for romantic images of the two of you.
Light two candles. Sandalwood is erotic aromatherapy.
Express gratitude.

Children and Creativity

The Children and Creativity Life Area is, in part,
about how we express ourSelves and have fun.
How do you express yourSelf? Do you play, how?
What would you like to create in your life or with your life?
If you feel blocked around these answers
energize your Children and Creativity area.

Because Metal is the Feng Shui element
supporting Children and Creativity,
it is the logical location to ring a music-making bell;
set an intention for the music to summon your Muse.
The most energetic number here is three,
the shape a circle,
and white the color (think blank canvas).

If it is a child you wish to create,
enhance this area with mom, dad, and baby images
or two siblings and a new baby.
Employ the energy of 'three'.
A silver baby rattle with a beautiful white ribbon also energizes the Chi.
Remember to include your mundane-cure energizer:

If you have children,
display their imaginative artwork here, or yours.
If you feel stuck, add variety to your routine;
give your creativity a little jiggle,
consciously turn something upside down
(not a human image though,
unless they are part of a circus extravaganza).


The Family Life Area holds kin energy, of blood and choice.
These folks we share a sense of community with,
even if we do not see them across our breakfast table.
Family is our foundation,
our springboard to the outside world.

The element resonating with Family is Wood and the color green;
picture a family tree to remember this.
The shape here is columnar, like a utility power pole;
and like chair legs, 4 is the number.

Family photos in wooden frames activate energy here.
Where shall we place the mementos
from sweet Aunt Rose in Holland?
Here is good.
Tree images are powerful as well.
Do be sure it is a lush green image
(think spring and summer
rather than fall and winter).
Please, no cacti or bonsai.

Helpful People and Travel

Who are Helpful People and how do they connect with Travel?
Helpful people lift us up.
They care about our well-being, success, and happiness.
When all is well, we look beyond - to travel.
Communicating with people who look
and speak differently than we do is exciting.
Learning from other cultures broadens
our experience and encourages
our inner helpful person to reach a higher level.

The element here is also Metal
(the same as Children and Creativity)
and the colors are gray and silver.
Actually, any metal color will energize here:
gold, bronze, copper.
The number resonating with
Helpful People and Travel is five,
and the favored shape is the circle
- like tires with a spare on a traveling car.

Write a Helpful People list
for a fun and an empowering enhancement.
Your Helpful People might be a physician,
your boss, the mortgage broker,
your childcare person, an author,
and your BFF.
Once written, put the list in your silver box
and place it in the Helpful People and Travel Life Area.
If you do not have a metal box,
wrap the folded list in aluminum foil,
this is equally effective.
Oh, remember to add your travel agent to the list!
Express gratitude attracting even more Helpful People and Travel.
Review and revise your list every few months to stay current.


The Career Life Area is where we energize a job and
our Work (i.e. Purpose),
and frequently where the entry door,
the Mouth of Chi, is located.
If you feel called to change your job
or leap to something new, focus here.
Polish the brass. Replace the old doormat.
Sweep the cobwebs.

Water is the element in
sync with the Career Life Area.
I love the metaphor water images bring to mind:
we seek our own level when we job search
or look for our Work.
We flow until we stop, and when an opening appears,
we flow again.

The shape for this area is free form, like water;
think stream, kidney-shaped swimming pool,
and raindrops.
The colors are dark blue and black,
and the number six.

If you are looking for a job, write gratitude statements
(six, why not) and place them in the Career Life Area.
It is paramount to set a clear intention.
Visualize (picture) yourSelf employed:
dressing in the morning, taking the train into town,
arriving and having your boss say,
“Good morning. It's good to see you!”
Envision whatever fits your ideal job scenario.
Let your imagination play along.
Dreaming is so rewarding!

Skills and Knowledge

The far-reaching Skills and Knowledge Life Area
addresses our thoughts, education,
spiritual practice, religion, and more.
Each cure applied, every enhancement placed,
all the clutter we cling to affects our entire experience.
Thoughts move around and about every thing.
Shall we think in a cluttered fog or clear blue skies?

The Feng Shui element for
the Skills and Knowledge Life Area is Earth, think 'grounded'.
Seven resonates with this section as does the color blue.
Depending on whom you ask, the shape is either a square,
or there is no specific shape for Skills and Knowledge.
I believe this shape or no shape conundrum
has to do with the innately metaphysical nature of this life area.
Shape or no shape? Religion or spirituality? Pray or meditate?
Celebrate on Sunday or during the New Moon?
There is not a right or wrong answer.
You decide what serves you.
It's all good.

There is a metaphysical quality to Feng Shui.
Intention holds the greatest power in this art and science,
and complements a mundane
cure or enhancement.
The mundane act (e.g. placing a Quan Yin statue on your altar)
connects us consciously with the Earth plane
while our intention releases
the thought and desire to The Universe.

As you might imagine,
this is a great area to arrange for meditation.
Your images of Deities are happy to spend time here too.

Abundance and Prosperity

The Feng Shui Abundance and Prosperity Life Area
is not solely about
money, it is about everything
clutter being the exception):
unconditional Love, health and wholeness,
global harmony, supportive friends,
financial serenity, gratifying work,
dream vacations, and sexy cars.

The element is Wood as in grow, grow, grow,
and the shape is columnar (yes, up and down, tree-like).
The number symbolizing Abundance is eight;
the colors are red (happiness), purple (abundance),
green (money), and gold
(what you find in a treasure chest).

Because Abundance and Prosperity
is about more than money, we can use this life area
to take steps affecting our planet.
Here we can lovingly place world globes and photos of Earth.
Place souvenirs and mementos brought from our travels
with an intention for greater compassion globally.
Light a red candle to illumine abundant Peace,
fresh air, food, and water for all sentient beings.
Now that's Prosperity!


Health is the life area at the Bagua's center,
also central in our living spaces and our lives.
When our Health Life Area is tended to,
we more easily feel centered and whole.
When we suffer compromised health,
the other life areas suffer as well.
All life areas touch on Health.

The element supporting the Health Life Area is Earth.
It is natural to equate health with
being centered and grounded;
the solid, square shape emphasizes this.
Colors energizing the Health area are earthy too:
yellow, golden, brown, rust and so on.
The number associated with this important area is nine,
the most powerful Feng Shui number
symbolizing completion, having arrived.

Because laughter is the best medicine,
this is great placement for humor.
What tickles your funny bone?
A silly photo or sculpture,
the birthday card that makes you laugh aloud
no matter how many times you read it?
Place those items in this area.

Have you had better days?
Consider writing an affirmation on yellow paper and placing it here
(“I choose Health and Wholeness -- this is my Truth.”).
Let Feng Shui complement the
care you receive from your chosen healer, not replace it.

As you walk through your home considering Feng Shui,
set an intention for the highest good
of everyone who might be touched by your thoughts and actions.
Conscious intention is a powerful blessing,
use it frequently and lovingly.

The Feng Shui Bagua Grid

How to Use The Bagua

In gratitude and with the intention to serve.
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