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How to Use The Bagua

Let’s pick up where we left off with
Nine Feng Shui Life Areas.
You are now familiar with the various life areas
and how interacting with each energy
shifts your life experience.
(Acknowledging and tending to the element,
resonating color, shape, number, and intention.)

How do you find these energies,
the Chi, at home?
With the Feng Shui Bagua (Bah-gwah)!

The tool used to locate each life area
is called the Bagua.
(For simplicity's sake,
our three-by-three square grid Bagua
is modified from the usual octagonal shape.)

You may want to read this explanation and
print the
Bagua grid before jumping in.
Knowing how to correctly
position the Bagua over your home,
accurately pinpointing each energetic area, is key
(easy too).
If you have a floor plan drawing use it as you begin -
if you do not have a drawing,
you will find even a rough sketch
by your own hand helpful.

As you begin to enhance the Relationship life area,
be sure it
is your Relationship life area!

Place the Bagua over the drawing of your home
positioning the grid center over
the center of your space (floor, room, etc.).
This center is where the
Health energy is felt most strongly.
Take a deep, cleansing breath - you are on your way!

The grid's bottom border is aligned with
the architecturally-intended entry door wall.
(This is the door used by
pirates and princesses on Halloween,
and package-delivery people the other days.
Residents do not necessarily
use the same door to enter and exit.)

All life areas are located by facing in from the front door.
As you stand, looking toward your home,
you will be in one of three Feng Shui life areas:
Skills and Knowledge, Career, or Helpful People and Travel.
These are the three life areas at the Bagua's bottom border.

(Because we use the Bagua to locate Feng Shui life areas,
compass directions are not part of this process.)

Let’s connect dots.

Hold the grid's bottom border,
with the Career area, to your waist.
At the grid center is the Health Life Area,
to the right of center is
Children and Creativity,
and on the left,
At the rear left corner is
Abundance and Prosperity,
Fame and Reputation centered at the rear,
Relationship at the rear right corner.

The Career Life Area is center front,
to the right of Career is Helpful People and Travel,
and to the left is the Skills and Knowledge Life Area.
Your front door is always in one of these three areas:
Skills and Knowledge,
Career or
Helpful People and Travel.

If you stand at the architecturally-intended
front door to your home, facing in, and
Skills and Knowledge, Career, and
Helpful People and Travel
are not aligned with this wall of your home,
turn the grid until they are.

If you stand at the front door facing into your home
and it looks like you are firmly planted
in Children and Creativity,
believe me, you are not.
Turn the grid, counter clockwise to the Career side.
There you go!

Easy, don't you think?
You may use the Bagua to determine life area locations
for any space with boundaries:
an entire property, your home or office,
a single room, your garden, the garage, a desktop.
Remember to align the Career side of the Bagua
with the gate to the property, entry to the room,
or where you sit at the desk
to determine the other life area locations.

Still standing at the front door looking in?
The Abundance and Prosperity Life Area
is the rear left corner space.
Is this a room in your home
or part of the outside deck?
The Family area is the left side center.
Is this the living room or
the catch-all spare bedroom?
Relationship you'll find at the rear right corner space.
Is your
bedroom there?
If the Relationship Life Area in your home is
also where your bedroom is found,
you are lucky!
You have double Relationship energy!

Now what?

Well, now you can have fun with it.
If you would like to increase your
shift the Chi in your
Abundance and Prosperity area,
you know where it is.
(Hint: rear left corner.)

The most powerful way to affect a change
is to
clear clutter and clean.
Set an
intention of gratitude for
the abundance and prosperity surrounding you.
Do this and you will feel a change in the energy,
the flow of Chi, and your life will begin to change.
It absolutely will.

When learning something new,
inspire your inner student by looking to the
Skills and Knowledge Life Area (front left corner)
in your home or just your room.
Clear clutter and clean while setting an intention for
clear thinking and an openness to easily
understand, remember, and recall new concepts.
Feng Shui is empowering and, believe me, fun!
You will be amazed how quickly
changes start to appear.

Connect with Feng Shui and use it to
affect real change in your life today.
Look at your life and around your home.
What would you like to experience differently?
Change is on the way, this is very good.

Important to remember: there are no exact borders.

“When I stand here I’m in Career
and when I take one step to the left,
I’m in Skills and Knowledge.”
“If only I had placed that crystal
18-inches further into Abundance,
I’d have won the lottery!”

Feng Shui is a practice filled with Love for us,
there is no trickery – abundant humor, but no trickery.
Remember also, it is your
intention holding the real power
behind every Feng Shui change you make.
Your intention will lift up, make bigger, better, and brighter
whatever you direct thought to.

If there were magic in Feng Shui,
intention would be it.

The Feng Shui Bagua Grid

In gratitude and with the intention to serve.
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Clearing clutter is
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