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Helpful People and Travel

Take a deep breath.
A full inhale of playful summertime!
We enjoy clear, blue skies in northern California,
with warming daytime temperatures.
Summer is officially here, let’s explore the
Feng Shui Helpful People and Travel Life Area.

Standing at your entry door, facing in, finds
Helpful People and Travel to the right and front
of your dwelling or space.
What to do
You know:  
clear clutter and clean.
That said, we move on - I choose nag-less-ness.

Who are helpful people
and what do they have to do with travel?

Helpful People and Travel are the same life area?
Consider ‘outer’ helpful people and travel first.
Outer helpful people are those
lifting us up in our daily goings-on;
a friendly smile from a stranger
to those committed through love
walking along on our journey.
These helpful people foster
our well-being and success.
We link in matters of
and more.
Knowing loving acts and thoughts
are the flavor of this life, we flourish.

As we thrive and our world feels safe
we look to expand and look to travel.
Take a trip,
go and see, smell, eat, and feel the contrast.
Communicate with people whose
customs are extraordinary
– practice being open.
It is from diverse cultures
we learn to make our lives
bigger, better, and brighter.

Now look at ‘inner’ helpful people and travel.
Here we live real adventure, true expansion.

Helpful people of the ‘inner’ realm
hold our Truth in their hearts.

They inspire us with deeds, words,
uplifting thoughts, and insights.
We are gifted with a taste
for inner discovery by these spiritual beings.
Travel tickets not required –
a comfortable place to sit will do;
some deep, cleansing breaths;
eyes gently closed – Voilà!
We arrive!
Our desire leads us within to seek our Light.
Exploring the thoughts of our Higher Selves also
makes life bigger, better, and brighter.

How does Feng Shui activate this area?
With a silver box -
real, painted or covered with aluminum foil.
In it place pieces of paper
with the names of people helpful to you
– whether you actually know them or not
(an author or poet you have read might be one).
Set an
intention of gratitude for
the blessings these Beings bring you.
If you have a photo or personal item
that recalls someone you are grateful for,
place it there.
From time to time review the names and update.

Remember, Feng Shui requires tending to;
you are never ‘done’.

If your desire is to travel this summer,
place a map of the city or country
you wish to visit in this life area;
hang a picture of that location on your wall.
Write an
affirmation expressing gratitude
(on gray paper or with silver ink)
for each day growing into a more helpful person.
To further activate the Chi,
place five gray or silver candles here
setting an intention to light the path
of every traveler, every journey.

Be it climbing Yosemite’s Half Dome,
waltzing in Vienna,
sunbathing in Rio,
or meditating to bask in the Light of All-There-Is,
regardless of your chosen journey,
set an intention to be an enthusiastic
helpful person to other travelers,
blessings return multiplied.

Bon Voyage!

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In gratitude and with the intention to serve.
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“The outward man is
the swinging door;
the inner man is
the still hinge.”

Meister Eckhart,

"Spiritual growth does not have to be
a step-by-step process; it can be
instantaneous. Think of some quality
you would like to have right now, such
as inner peace, greater focus, or more
self-love. How long do you think it will
take for you to acquire it? You do not
have to wait a year, five years, or a
lifetime. You can increase your
experience of this quality right now.
Say to yourself, "I accept more of this
peaceful, focused, and loving to
myself," or whatever fits the quality
you choose."

--Sanaya Roman
Buddha - SMA

"Life's most persistent
and urgent question is,
'What are you doing for

Martin Luther King, Jr.