Financial Abundance

In Feng Shui, abundance speaks to
feeling fulfilled,
happy, grateful, and with Peace
- not just money.
However, not surprisingly,
many recent questions address
energizing finances.
How do we take financial steps forward
and not slip back?

How do we make money and hold on to it
or at least stretch it?

Several different Feng Shui life areas
consider our sense of financial flow.
The Family Life Area addresses
everyday needs,
answer employment questions
in the Career Life Area,
find mentor and client-base energy in
Helpful People and Travel Life Area.
Now we'll focus on the Abundance Life Area which is
(looking in from the entry door)
the back left space of
your home, room, office or garden.

Standing in Abundance enables you
to take an energetic assessment.
Does this space support feeling abundant,
all is well, are you fulfilled?
Is it
clutter-free and clean?
What items have come to rest here?
Is any thing in view broken?
Does an item you intend to release linger?
Are sticky reminders of ill feelings
lurking in certain objects?

Are the windows clean
providing a view of your abundant life
and welcoming the light of day?
Do artwork and decor speak of
how you embrace plenty:
with ease and Grace or lack and hardship?

Enhance your Abundance Life Area
with objects and symbols of filled up.
Display a painting handmade
and gifted by a child dear to you.
Frame a vacation photo of
you with your spouse, a friend or family member.
Maybe a book speaking to your Truth.
Items purple, gold, and green are
at home in the Abundance Life Area.

Eight of something -
eight ten-dollar bills
gift-wrapped with a big red bow
and the card has your name on it.
Suspend a faceted crystal
to refract light scattering
a multitude of colored stars
- The Universe is all over this!
The image of a lush, green, healthy tree
- or eight trees - inspires growth.
(Please, no cacti or bonsai.)

Remember to set an intention of gratitude
for ever-increasing abundance.

A water fountain also supports this area -
Wood is the element and water stimulates growth.
When placing a fountain here,
be sure the direction of flow
is toward the inside of your home,
not outside.
Right now, we are working on your abundance
rather than the neighbors.
They might like their own fountain.

How does this feel?
Pretty good?
Approach the Abundance Life Area with confidence;
you know how to find it and
have some dos and don’ts in your pocket.
You have enough suggestions here to
cause a shift in your experience of abundance.
That’s a start.

There is more to consider.
If you recall nothing else about this article,
please remember this:

Money is energy and energy moves.

We receive this money vibration
in exchange for work or as a gift,
maybe even find it on the street.
It comes from somewhere,
and is on its way to elsewhere
through our experience.

When we release it
to compensate someone for work,
gift it to someone,
or drop five dollars from our wallet
it remains energy and keeps moving.
It is not gone.
It will benefit the next person who claims it.

Clients and customers purchase
goods and services provided by a company,
the employer receives payment for the purchases,
and we receive a paycheck.

We use the money to pay bills,
buy groceries,
service the car,
see a movie,
buy a book,
and tip the wait person.
Where does the money go?
It goes to those with bills to pay
and groceries to buy, like us.
The money is not gone
it circulates and returns.

as you form an intention around finances,
your desire is not money
but rather knowing all is well in your world.
As you set your intention for financial abundance,
consider how you want to feel and FEEL it.

The refrigerator is full of delicious, healthy food.
You finished paying the bills with enough
left over to take next week off and go away.
The luxury car of your dreams is in the garage.
The three-week, family-dream vacation
is booked and paid for.

Money energy circulates,
ebbs and flows,
until once again, it finds us.

Expressions of gratitude and appreciation
energize financial flow.

Let that happen.


Business, Ebb and Flow

In gratitude and with the intention to serve.
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Clearing clutter is
the single most important action
causing a shift toward
the Greater Good in your life.

It's that easy.

"Giving is an important part of
receiving. The way you give to
others is the way the universe will
give to you. Giving money or other
things is truly a gift to yourself,
for it creates a circulation of
energy in your life, and the more
energy circulates the wealthier you

--Sanaya Roman and
Dwayne Packer

Abundance does not
thrive in dim.


Light a candle
or a lamp,
open a window
for sunlight,
and think
illumined thoughts.