Cures and Enhancements
Feng Shui cures and enhancements are so much fun!

Briefly, a cure is an intended action bringing an energetically compromised situation into balance.

enhancement is an intended action energizing to a greater degree an already balanced situation.

What we use to cure and enhance energy are crystals, light, movement, sound, color, and
the five Feng Shui elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood).
Did I mention intention?

Here is an example of a situation to cure.

Suppose you have a view into a bathroom from your kitchen.
This is the low end of lucky regardless of the life area.
A kitchen represents Abundance in Feng Shui and a bathroom represents Water (i.e. money and
opportunity) spinning and flushing away – these are dots better left unconnected.

Cure this situation by keeping the bathroom door closed
and hang a full-length mirror on the outside of the door
energetically making the space disappear (in a Feng Shui way).
(“Bathroom? I don’t see a bathroom. I see the kitchen reflected, I see two stoves.”)

This addresses the seen, mundane, side of the cure. Your thought component adds strength.
While placing the mirror on the door, consciously set your intention
(“I am grateful appreciating the abundance in my life”).
With your intention, the energetically challenging kitchen-bathroom connection is gone, I mean

Additional abundance would come in handy, you say? We have a few kitchen enhancing suggestions.
(For our example, the kitchen is energetically balanced – anything calling to be cured, was.)
Place a mirror behind the cook-top reflecting the burners, this doubles the number.

Thousands of years ago in China, a large meal-preparation area suggested
a successful farm, a bounty of food, and a mighty connection with Abundance.
For this reason doubling your burners is an

Remember, setting an intention along with your enhancement is where the oomph is,
“I acknowledge my ability, using my heart and mind, to attract and manage finances successfully.”

An aside:
Mirrors can be used to make one space disappear (a bathroom) and
something else multiply (cook-top burners)? Yes.
Mirrors are also used to hold energy in a room/space, and can be placed to open an area up.
These actions all require setting an intention – give your mirror a clear purpose.

Please remember,
the important first step beginning your Feng Shui project is clearing clutter and cleaning.

In gratitude and with the intention to serve.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes placed at the front of
your home will attract Chi - tap it
in gratitude upon arriving and
leaving. The guest-bedroom-
turned-catch-all space is so clutter-
full even the kitty won’t venture
in? Hang a wind chime in the room
to begin stirring the stagnant
energy creating an opening to
step into. Hang a wind chime on
the outside of your home between
you and an inconsiderate
neighbor changing the tone.


Sweet-sounding fountains. On a
desk or table top place the
fountain toward the back left
Abundance corner. The element
there is Wood and water will
encourage abundant growth.
Another beneficial location for a
fountain is in the Career area,
center front of your space –
where Water is the element.
When placing a fountain flowing in
a certain direction, turn the flow
toward the inside of your space –
not away from you.


Mirrors are a powerful cure and
enhancement for a variety of
situations. Full-length mirrors
hung on the outside of bathroom
doors energetically make those
rooms disappear. Round or
octagonal mirrors placed on the
top of bookshelves and
refrigerators, facing up, diminish
the experience of loud upstairs
neighbors. Set an intention with
gratitude for releasing irritation
caused by sounds not your own.
Bagua mirrors are for outdoor
use only.
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Up-lights are so handy. To lift the
energy in a space with a sloped
ceiling, place up-lights on the floor
in the low-ceilinged corners of the
room. If you already have lamps
there, you are all set. When you
place furniture on the diagonal to
a corner, place an up-light (or a
plant) in the corner behind the
furniture to fill that space. Two life
areas to consider for this cure are
Abundance and Relationship – not
spaces for ‘empty’.


Hang faceted crystals anywhere
light refracts off the crystal
sending dots of light in every
direction energizing the Chi of
your space. For optimal
placement, hang crystals from red
string or ribbon cut in nine-inch
increments (9", 18", 27", etc.) --
red string from bead shops is
ideal for this. Remember to set
your intention while hanging the


Another sound cure or
enhancement is a bell; great in
locations where a wind chime
clinking is less appropriate. A bell
indoors clears a space after an
important meeting and before a
party. It also marks a span of time
– ring the bell as you commence a
work session or meditation and
again at ending. Be conscious of
your intention.

For the Birds

Wild and cheery birds attracted to
our homes uplift the energy of the
entire property. Place bird feeders
and birdbaths where they will be
viewed and enjoyed. If you have a
red hummingbird feeder, hang it in
the Fame and Reputation area –
your intention might include
gratitude for living in a limitless
Universe, knowing all your needs
are met.

Silent Movement

Silent movement cures and
enhancements for the outdoors
indoors, kinetic motion. Place
these cures to energize Chi where
noise is not welcome. A spinner
outside of a baby's room, in the
Abundance Life Area of your home,
will keep Chi flowing. Encourage
with movement on the front right
Silent movement cures and corner
oomph-adding intention.
"The secret of happiness, you see, is
not found in seeking more, but in
developing the capacity to enjoy less."


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