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The Feng Shui at Your Service newsletter began with a desire
to keep clients inspired to continue interacting
with their surroundings after the initial consultation.
It was a tickle to hear from their friends, family, neighbors, and
co-workers and learn of growing Feng Shui interest.
They found easy to understand-and-apply tips
and in little time realized
a change in their energetic experience too.
(How fun is that?)

Is it a fountain in the Abundance Life Area
to energize my finances?

Will clearing clutter from my Family Life Area
begin the healing process?

Should I move the print of “American Gothic”
from my Relationship Life Area?
(Yes, right away!)

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Yes, of course!
As your relationship with the Chi of your surroundings develops
send me your Feng Shui questions and comments.

I am honored to hear from you.

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"The most exciting
phrase to hear in science,
the one that heralds the
most discoveries, is not
"Eureka!" (I found it!)
but 'That's funny..."

Isaac Asimov
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In gratitude and with the intention to serve.
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