Clutter-Free Gifting

No, it’s not a Scrooge, Bah-Humbug sort of thing
and it’s not skimpy giving
or not giving at all.
Clutter-free giving is a mindful practice.
Clutter-free gifting shifts our thoughts
regarding what we give.
Rather than item shopping for
family, friends, and neighbors
who may have all they need and want,
explore giving presents not requiring
eventual trunk-loads to thrift shops or
dust-cloth treatments,
not even batteries.

For clarity, before we jump in:
clutter-free will not meet 100% of giving wishes.
We desire to create for those we love
an extraordinary holiday experience
so perfect in plan and presentation
the joy of it lives on for years and years:
the (OMG!) first sports car,
the (take her breath away) emerald-cut diamond,
and of course the (leave him speechless) motorcycle.

Clutter-free is not intended to replace the
boat, bling or bicycle.

Support local communities, give a charitable donation
to a cause your recipient is fond of or volunteers with.
Purchase tickets promoting events in their neighborhood –
check venues for upcoming performances.
Score with seats to sporting events.
Contribute financial support to your
local Public Broadcasting Service
(everyone benefits from that gift).

There are many good-for-you
clutter-free options at hand.
Commit to walk or jog
with a neighbor each week.
Enroll a friend in the fitness program
they have been stretching toward.
Gift health-supporting experiences:
Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki,
acupuncture, nutritional testing,
or a massage -
you have many options.

We glow after a facial and
tootsies love a pedicure before slipping into
sexy, shimmery peep-toes.

Clutter-free giving for children
translates to time.
With young ones, create a calendar
highlighting celebrations uniquely theirs.
Encourage imaginations to soar
pledging to read out loud –
or write down their tall tale.
Schedule park strolls to relax and talk;
or playground time.
Bake cookies – wrap and gift some.
Make a plan to locate every ice cream vendor
in town for taste testing –
expand map-reading abilities and
become more familiar with your neighborhood.
Sign up for swimming, skating,
biking, bowling, tennis,
horseback riding, gymnastics, dancing,
origami, creative writing, painting …

Did someone say ‘get-away’?
Maybe a quaint, romantic B&B weekend
in the Wine Country?
To where do they wish to wander
and what do they long to see?
Concert tickets or a night at the opera?
A week-long,
white-water rafting excursion?
Early morning hot-air balloon rides?
Cooking classes with a celebrity Chef?
Movie passes are five-star stocking stuffers.

Students welcome this approach to gifting, receiving,
and holding on to their money.
Schedule a car service;
safety for them and peace of mind for you.
Car washes with fresh-smelling detailing.
A generous gas gift card
is difficult to top these days.
Pay their steep winter heating bills
and you’ll be a hit with roommates too.
Grocery store or restaurant gift cards
will help keep their strength up.
Would software and hardware
benefit from a tune-up
(along with assignments)?
Has their bicycle received a
professional clean bill of health recently?

A handyman gift certificate is
a favorite with homeowners.
Give a blank 'Honey Do' list
if you are a Jack-of-all-trades.
Lend a hand cleaning (read ‘clearing’) an attic,
garage or storage unit.
Have they already started carting clutter and
there’s a large, tacky lump outside the house?
Offer a haul to the land-fill.
If the garden needs sprucing, planting –
a gift of landscape assistance
(professional or you)
spells ‘relief’.

We are limitless in the variety
of clutter-free gifts to offer.

An astrological forecast is enlightening.
Help with veterinary expenses or
pet grooming causes tail wagging.
Cover the cost of a community college
class or course.
Not everyone sews –
give mending or replace lost buttons.
Help arrange a sacred space or altar,
inspire a treasure map.
Clean someone’s mirrors,
picture frames, and light fixtures
(this is after all about Feng Shui).

It is my hope you will find these suggestions fitting for
family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.
Let’s give each other the gift of time
while demonstrating intentions of gratitude and generosity.

Wishing you an especially
Joy-filled Gifting Experience!

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In gratitude and with the intention to serve.
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"The only reason for time
is so that everything
doesn’t happen at once."

Albert Einstein
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