Clothing Swap:
We grow, we change …

Dressing yourSelf in someone else’s old clothes
is generally not an idea supported by
Feng Shui.
Do we want to wrap ourSelves in
the energy of another person?
How about the energy
impressed on a particular garment?
Well, OK, if it’s the energy of a celebration
or a new job, or a fun date.
That could be fun.
What about a garment worn to a funeral,
a down-sizing meeting
or divorce court?
Oh, not so much.

Well, let’s think about this.
The economy is presently
not encouraging a lot of shopping
- especially for ready-to-wear
we (probably) do not really need.
However, it might help us to
feel more confident on a job interview
or sassy on a date
having something fresh to wear.

A larger issue:  Earth.

Maybe a Clothing Swap is actually
‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ in disguise.

If we rethink our
wardrobe to
garments we actually need (Reduce),
participate in a Clothing Swap
or donate to a shelter or charity (Reuse),
and ... Recycle?
Recycling lightly worn clothes
– taking used apparel apart
and sewing innovative clothing with the pieces?
Sounds like a new Green-fashion industry.

Here we are,
thousands of years from
the beginnings of Feng Shui in China.
Like many practices on our planet
we grow, we change.
As has Feng Shui.

With great regard to Chi,
let us try on ‘new-to-me’.

The first step to participating in a Clothing Swap is
gathering up your currency.
With large plastic bags in hand,
head for your drawers and closets.
Gently worn clothing, shoes, bags,
accessories of every kind are acceptable tender.

There is one category of clothing to avoid
taking to a swap or giving away.
If you have a garment from
a particularly heartbreaking or
dreadful time or experience in your life,
do not pass that energy on to anyone.
If you are ready to release this fiber reminder,
consider throwing the article of clothing away.

Look at what fills your closet with honest eyes.
Will you put enough weight on
to look good in that dress again?
If you loose enough weight
to fit into those spendy jeans,
how will they look on you at this age?
That designer jacket was an unbelievable bargain
– but you never wear it.
Go ahead.
With a giving heart, place those garments in the bag
– let someone enjoy them.

It’s not about what we have but how we give.

OMG! - the Clothing Swap event (i.e. Party!).
Piles of clothes,
a massive mountain of accessories,
familiar friends,
new faces,
and more “Remember when” stories
than you could shake a shoehorn at!
An entertaining way to share time together.

Let’s show some restraint, shall we?
Remember how clutter-free
your clothing drawers and closets are at home?
As you look through the mounds,
be mindful about
what you wish to take home with you.
When you see an outfit you like,
if every fiber of your being says, “YES!”
grab it before someone else does!
On the other hand,
if you see it and barely feel a thumbs-up,
leave it for some One else to love.

Everything vibrates, has an energy
– we encounter this every day,
every where,
and with every One.
To release the previous-owner energy
your new garments hold,
consciously launder or dry clean the items.
At the same time set an intention to
keep only that which lifts you up,
letting go of the rest.

Donating the remaining stock of ready-to-wear
to a shelter or charity is a blessing to all.
Maybe that interview outfit
will again let someone feel as self-assured as you did
on that career-changing morning.

Writing this Clothing Swap article
has been an “Ah-ha” moment for me.
It was actually my intention at the onset
to explain energetic reasons to
shy away from used clothes.

We grow, we change.

If the Shoe Fits

Living with Pack Rat

In gratitude and with the intention to serve.
Feng Shui
an energetic
in the items
with which
we choose
to surround
our Selves.
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"I think clothes should
make you feel safe.
I like clothes you want
to go to sleep in.
I sometimes stand
in front of a mirror
and change a million times
because I know
I really want
to wear my nightgown."

Gilda Radner