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causing a shift toward
the Greater Good in your life.

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Ebb and Flow

Ebb and flow.
Out and in.
Our products and services stream from us
returning in waves of customers and clients
to gently lap against our door for more.
Out go the goods and in the business flows.

There are however times of
rushing-ebb and drip-drip-flow.
You’ve noticed?

If Feng Shui had a middle name,
‘flow’ would be it,
a smooth and steady energy
expressing to generate momentum
– personal and professional.
To maximize flow and benefits,
our surroundings must encourage it
at home and at the office.

Countless volumes detail Feng Shui office energy.
We will try a little furniture moving and sprucing
to step up the flow of commerce
increasing your bottom line.
You’ll be able to place a few of these cures tomorrow
in less time than it takes to sip your
Grande, double-shot Cappuccino.

As your
bed is the most
significant furniture piece in the home,
your desk is the office-energy, power equivalent.
Positioning your desk guided by Feng Shui principles
affords you confidence and comfort,
and from those feelings springs success.
With a desire for freely flowing Chi
through the doorway and into your workplace,
avoid locating your desk directly in front of the opening.
Position your desk
as far from the office entrance as possible
while still allowing an entry view.
For ages,
those wielding power observe all-they-survey
most distant from the entry;
support to the fore and leadership at the rear.

If you are near the doorway
with staff behind you,
they will rule from that
Command Position.

To feel secure,
position the desk with your back to a wall.
If the only available spot
puts your back to a window,
use blinds or drapes for a solid look and feel.
leave enough space to push out from your desk
and not bounce into the wall or worse,
a window behind you.

When meeting with clients
who face you and a window,
draw the drapes and their focus will
be on you and not the view.

If you face a wall with your back to the entry,
you are not in the Command Position.
A coworker tiptoeing in,
placing their hands on your shoulders
and yelling “Got Ya!”
sending shivers up your spine,
is not good Feng Shui.

To cure this placement and avoid surprises,
hang a
mirror in front of you
reflecting the doorway and
anyone entering while you work.
Yes, be sure to reflect your
thinking and speaking parts.
Place the mirror so your entire face is the image you see.

Be open to prospects arriving from
limitless possibilities.
Allow access to your chair
from both desk sides, and
avoid approaching from the same direction yourSelf.

To draw attention to your qualifications
display diplomas, licenses, and awards in
the Fame and Reputation Life Area.

Be sure the frames and glass are sparkling clean.
Your qualifications are clearly visible not hazy.

The Feng Shui Wood element represents growth
and plants represent Wood.
If you have the space, light, and love for a real plant,
bring one to the office energizing business growth.
If your plant does not thrive in your space
(the symptoms are obvious),
return it to health quickly or remove it quickly.
Compromised growth? No, thank you.

Please, no cacti or bonsai in your office space
or anywhere you intend to
attract relationships and grow to your full potential.
Silk plants represent growth energy.

For clarity and focus,
consider ringing a
bell as you begin a work session
to clear the space and mark the time.
Express gratitude for what you achieve.

If you do not have a bell,
clapping is the next best thing.
Clap again at the end of the session, or day, to close.
If inspired by a multitude of accomplishments
you may feel moved to applaud,
a standing ovation sounds appropriate.
Invite your staff to join you
and give it up for Self-appreciation!

As you move furniture and tend to office space,
express gratitude and remain intention conscious.
affirmation similar to this is a place to start:

Gratitude and appreciation for my work
expands in me steadily.

In addition to energizing within your office space,
there is another way to easily affect business.
Pay attention to your
house front and the Mouth of Chi.
The entry to your home is in
one of three
Feng Shui life areas:
Skills and Knowledge (what you know, how you learn),
Career (what you do, how you serve),
Helpful People and Travel (mentors, staff, clients).

Be sure these areas are
clutter-free, clean,
contents are in working order,
lights are bright, and windows are spotless.

Bless the ebb and
welcome your bountiful-business flow
expressing Gratitude daily … right now!

Bedroom Office  

Financial Abundance

In gratitude and with the intention to serve.
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"Knowing who you are requires
reflective time, quiet time. Time alone
is some of the most important time
you can create. The stillness of the
mind creates space for ideas to come
into your reality and be born.
Inspiration is born in stillness. It may
be a week or more before a new idea
comes into your conscious awareness,
but do not let the time delay keep you
from seeing the connection between
quiet time and the creativity that
comes later."

--Sanaya Roman