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Add Sizzle to Your Bedroom

If you are looking for The One,
found The One, love The One or
are recovering from The One
and now want a different One – read on.
Let Feng Shui ensure your space
attracts relationship.

Let’s have clarity as we begin… in relationship,
know that YOU are The Ultimate One.

First and foremost,
love, love, love yourSelf.

Instead of looking at a specific life area of the
Feng Shui Bagua,
our attention now is on the master bedroom.
Bedroom energy is
especially important to the overall balance
of Chi in our lives because
we spend so much time there.

Focus here to meet a new lover
or bring sizzle back to
an existing relationship.

The single most important piece of furniture in
not only your home but your life
is your warm, comfy, cozy, snuggly bed.
The importance of new-bed energy
cannot be overstated.
Please do not sleep in a bed
you inherited from someone,
found at a garage sale or
slept in during a previous relationship.
Someone else’s old bed is not a ‘deal’.

A used bed is imprinted with
the energy of the previous owner
(oh no – maybe even 'owners').
The prior owner may have been seriously ill,
participated in ill-fitting relationships
or suffered depression to the point
of rarely leaving the bed.
You do not want to sleep or
passionately enjoy yourSelf
in a bed energetically imprinted by

When thinking bed, think new.

Only a new bed and fresh Chi
will support you and relationship.
As you face into this room from the door,
the most auspicious bed placement is looking
diagonally against the opposite wall.
When sitting in bed,
you will be able to see the entry to the room
without turning your head
more than 45 degrees.
For optimal Chi flow,
remember to store no thing under the bed
(not shoes, wrapping paper, the old VCR…)*.
Avoid a great deal of direct sunlight on your bed;
it may challenge your ability to sleep at night.

Matching nightstands and lamps encourage Chi,
especially if you are looking for The One.
Be sure you have enough space on
each side of the bed to get in comfortably.
Leave your things out of their nightstand –
make space (i.e. Opportunity) for them –

some massage oil would be nice though.

Your bedroom is for rest,
relaxation, intimacy,
rejuvenation, and fun –
the space where we re-create ourSelves.
At best a television,
FAX, desk, computer,
sewing machine,
exercise equipment, etc.
detract and better serve you in
a different part of your home.
If this is not doable,
a screen blocking
the machinery from view will help.
If you must have a TV in this intimate space,
cover the screen when not in use.

Quick tips to add spark:

If your mate has not yet appeared,
leave a drawer empty and
some closet space available.

This is an adult space so
no Teddy bears, model cars, games, etc.

Photos of children,
parents, family, and
friends should be elsewhere –
only images of the two of you,
or a romantic representation
of the two of you here.

This is also not the place for
mementos from a previous relationship –
are you forward-looking
or turning back to recall history?

Spot and Smokey’s beds
should be down the hall –
not a wholesome three-some if
they sleep in your room.

At the end of the day,
put laundry in the hamper
rather than leaving it on the floor
where it diminishes Chi during the night.

If you have a bathroom
within your bedroom suite,
please, keep the door closed all the time.

Limit live plants to two.

Light two candles (red, pink, or white).

Sandalwood essential oil
is erotic aromatherapy.

Arrange cut flowers in a beautiful vase.

In this space let love, romance,
and fantasy reign.

Open to your imagination.

Express gratitude.

Try these ideas as they resonate with you.
When you enter the sacred space of your bedroom,
it should feel so, so pleasing –

claim that,
and claim the perfect relationship!

*If you are pregnant or think you might be,
leave under the bed as-is
to not disturb the Ling Chi preparing for the new baby.
Clear under the bed after the baby is born.

Bedroom Office


In gratitude and with the intention to serve.
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"Ask yourself, "What feelings, what
qualities of love do I want in this
relationship?" These might be feelings
of serenity, softness, connection, or
love you want to experience in your
relationship. Ask your soul to assist
you in receiving insights about new
ways you could be together that
would support you in experiencing
these qualities of love. As you picture
these qualities manifesting in your
connections with this person, they

--Sanaya Roman