Bedroom Office

In a perfect world,
we have a bedroom
used for an array of enjoyable activities,
sleep among them,
labor not.
We go to our rooms at the end of each day
knowing sweet nurturing waits …
or maybe a fax.

There are scores of us with one-room domains.
We are housed in a college dorm,
rent a studio,
live with the folks or love our tent.
Some of us had an office-room in the house
until our first child was born
or an in-law moved in.
Presto change-oh!

Be aware,
if you share your bedroom-office with a spouse,
this is a challenging arrangement for relationship.
Arrange the space as energetically sound as possible
and keep the lines of communication
open, open, open.

Also very important is to keep clutter at bay.

Clutter is sticky and
as a magnet
will pull more clutter to it until …
well …
it is too unsettling a picture to paint.

Here we are.
speaker phones,
bright lights ...
and the list goes on.

(Thank goodness,
you are familiar enough with
Feng Shui by now
to not have a
television in your bedroom. Right?)

What in the world are you going to do?
Feng Shui to the rescue!

Key to bedroom-office success is
hiding the desk and
related work essentials from view.
As you enter the room,
it is best to not see the workstation
and you especially do not
want it included in
your tucked-in field-of-vision.
Office energy will draw you in
if you can see it.

This can be a drawback with a home-office
and even more distracting
with a bedroom-office:
the space where days begin and end.

Depending on décor,
you may choose to wrap
a screen around the work area.
Shoji screens are ideal for this;
lightweight, easy to
move out of the way and back again.
A bookcase might serve as a divider.
Nothing too tall (no view blocking),
arrange books facing the office.

Consider a small wind chime
placed over the work area.
This Feng Shui sound
cure is
size-appropriate with hollow, metal tubes.
Touch the wind chime
as you begin and end work
to mark the session and express gratitude.

To maximize supporting Chi
around your work area
be sure you see the entry to the room
while seated at the desk.
This Command Position will
keep you from being surprised when
someone enters the room.
If it is impossible to
position your desk to face the door,
place a mirror on the wall in front of you
to reflect the door while seated.

If the mirror is directly in front of you,
be sure to reflect your entire face –
we do not want a missing forehead or mouth
(those are the thinking and speaking parts –
critically important).

To lend additional Feng Shui support to your bedroom,
store no thing under your bed.
Place two live or silk plants
in the rear right corner of the room
(looking in from the entry door).
This is the Feng Shui
Relationship Life Area
and lush, live plants will encourage togetherness
(no pointy leaves or cacti, please).
The screens hiding your work area should not
block light from a window.

A Feng Shui suggestion supporting your business
is to sit in a comfortable ‘office’ chair.
Neither a dining room chair
nor a foldy version from the garage will do.
Do not face a bathroom door,
and keep that door closed
whether or not you face it.
Turn dangling power cords into neat bundles.
Feng Shui wastebasket placement?
Out of sight and empty.

Now, the most important part
of any Feng Shui endeavor:
As you go about setting up a bedroom-office
or shift the energy in an existing one,
be conscious of your intention.
Choose and be grateful
for the experience as it is,
know it is happening in this curious way
to align with the whole of your life.

Add Sizzle to Your Bedroom

How to Use The Bagua

In gratitude and with the intention to serve.
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in the items
with which
we choose
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Clearing clutter is
the single most important action
causing a shift toward
the Greater Good in your life.

It's that easy.
Tingsha Cymbals - SMA

"Be love in action. Express your
soul's will to love by spreading
goodwill to your soul and sense the
souls of others. Be a ray of
sunshine bringing love to everyone
you meet. Radiate soul love to
strangers and casual acquaintances
as well as to loved ones. Express
love through your words and
actions no matter how others act
or treat you. Smile without needing
others to smile back."

--Sanaya Roman

"Sleep is the best

Dalai Lama