Affirming Statements
of Intention and Gratitude

Affirmations are how I speak to my Self.
Prayer is how I speak to God.
Meditation is how God speaks to me.

Thank you for visiting
affirming statements of intention and gratitude.

Including your clear intention
energizes a shift in circumstances
to a far greater degree
than a Feng Shui
cure or enhancement

As you begin putting words
to your intentions,
play with some of these ideas.
I hope you find these thoughts a
starting point for your own statements
of appreciation and gratitude.
Feel free to copy and edit
these thoughts until they reflect
Who You Are and that
which you are ready to claim.

Statements are included for
each of the
nine Feng Shui life areas.
If you are not sure of the location
or how to find it,
How to Use The Bagua for assistance.

As you begin to play with these statements,
be kind to yourSelf.

Keep the statements in a positive note.
Power is limited if you say
“I must go on a strict diet,
eat raw celery by the pound,
not a single
chocolate-chip-macadamia-nut cookie,
and lose a lot of weight!”
From your place of inner power try
“I love caring for mySelf,
making healthy food choices,
and being my perfect weight.”
Feel the difference?

Write from a place
of accomplishment.
Picture yourSelf a non-smoker,
eating healthy foods,
responding from loving-kindness
when you experience less,
knowing the answer to a difficult question,
financially free.
As you feel and picture yourSelf
having reached these desires,
write from there. Right there.

Affirming statements of intention and gratitude
will strengthen the mundane
Feng Shui
cures and enhancements you place.
As you work in a specific life area
be conscious of your intention:
as you clear clutter from
Abundance Life Area think
“I am open to the flow of plenty”;
as you place an image of
a Deity in the
Skills and Knowledge Life Area
“I gift mySelf with daily meditation.”

Don’t worry too much (i.e. at all)
about exact wording,
if the intention resides in your heart
it will serve you.

If you would like an
all-purpose statement
you might say,
“In gratitude I shift life
to reflect the truth of Who I Am.”
– this serves you regardless of
what you are doing or where.

Have fun with these
and if you have a question or comment,
I would love to
hear from you.

Fame and Reputation

I am a living example of the sparkle in the eye of God.

I am fabulously extraordinary! I am the only ME!

I wildly embrace Joy and Well-being!

I readily step into my life as it unfolds
in service to People and for our Greater Good.

I am a gift to this day.

I am a beloved, shining example of the
magnificence of The Universe.

When I set an intention for Greater Good,
it is for Every One.

I acknowledge an energetic connection
between my Self and my surroundings.

I am a magnet attracting people and experiences
encouraging mutual growth.


I am filled with Joy at the thought of us!

I attract truth and honesty in all my relationships
and return the same.

Romantic love, intimately sharing,
empowers my life.

I gratefully release fear, knowing it is powerless over me.

What I desire from the Truth of Who I Am is mine.

My spouse and I communicate with loving-kindness.

I choose to welcome love, romance, and fun into my life
right now.

Win-win solutions return us to loving-kindness.

My significant-other and I help each other
release sticky emotional clutter
in loving and respectful ways.

Children and Creativity

I am flowing creative thought,
forming grand visions of possibilities.

My creativity sprouts new and exciting ideas
every day.

I turn to my Higher Self for creative inspiration,
and receive what I'm looking for.

The creative ideas I try first are
the thoughts that make me smile.

I honor and respect my children,
their thoughts, ideas,
and the words they use to express them.

My children and I treat each other with
respect and loving-kindness.

I lovingly provide a nurturing, encouraging,
and inspiring environment where my children thrive.

I look at old situations with new, creative solutions.

My communications are
honest, friendly, and straightforward.


I shift my thinking from family and
foundation instead.

I am willing to heal with my family.

I embrace each member of my family,
knowing who they are
reveals something about my Self.

I intend for loving-kindness to envelope
my family and yours.

I willingly open to greater communication
with the members of my family.

I am willing to walk holding the
hand of forgiveness.

I accept and honor each One in my family
just as they are.

My family is filled with emotion
and I practice acceptance.

I accept my foundation, my history,
and with gratitude move into my future.

Helpful People and Travel

We are all Helpful People, giving and receiving
- this is Life.

I am open to be of greater service
knowing this is how we lift each other up.

My Higher Self is served by
welcoming helpful people into my life.

I intend to expand my consciousness
being of service in new and creative ways.

My intention to travel is made strong
through visualization.
I close my eyes and feel sunshine on my skin.

I am grateful to summon my Helpful People abilities
when I see an opportunity.

I intend to serve a greater number of
helpful people as I continue expanding my life.

As I travel, I take the gifts of Who I Am to exchange
with people I meet for the gifts of Who They Are.

I am filled with gratitude recalling people
I met traveling, our journeys intersect.


I am grateful to accept the outpouring of All Good
from me and for me.

I am grateful for every One entering my office.
I openly value who they are as they value me.

My employment future is bright, I feel it.

I accept, with gratitude, an easy and effortless
increase in the flow of my business.

I am ready to be aware of my purpose,
the work and service I am here to do.

I am grateful to live my life on purpose
and allow my intention to reflect in the work I do.

I am grateful for and comfortable with
my well-deserved success
and the increasing success of Every One.

I am grateful to serve
benefiting our Planet through my work.

I wake every morning expressing gratitude
knowing my life and work are in alignment.

I choose and am grateful to operate a
highly successful business with integrity
knowing my success does not leave less for others.

Skills and Knowledge

I listen to my intuition knowing it is my loving Higher Self.

My life is a magnificent demonstration
because I think it so.

A few quiet minutes of appreciation in each day
renews my inner peace.

What I request in loving-kindness is mine.

Thoughts are things and
my thoughts have wings.

I smile and express gratitude for
the synchronicities in my life,
knowing each experience holds meaning.

Inner strength and clarity expand every day.

Opening to something new encourages my growth.

I know the questions and the answers meaningful to my life.


I gratefully accept financial serenity.

I sit at the center of Abundance,
it is all around me, and you, and them.

Abundance and Prosperity are
my birthright;
I release every thought of less-than
acknowledging this Truth.

I am filled up with appreciation and gratitude
for every thing I see.

I am fully supported by The Universe.

I gratefully accept gifts knowing
Prosperity is in constant circulation.

I choose and am grateful to
open my arms to Abundance in all its forms.

Every day increases the awareness of
how limitless my thoughts and The Universe are.

I am grateful to release sticky, emotional clutter
accepting a greater Abundant flow in my life.

Gratitude expands my life to even greater blessings.


Every cell in my body thrives
on nourishing food, water, exercise,
appreciation and gratitude.

My hesitation to exercise diminishes every day,
I am healthy and happy.

Chi, the Life Force, flows through you and me
lifting us up.

I love my glowing smile - it is a magnet for good!

I am filled with
health and vitality consciousness.

My ability to forgive is
directly connected to my ability to heal.

Health lives in every breath,
in every heartbeat,
in every cell,
it is the Truth of Who I Am.

Excellent health is mine,
this awareness brings me great Joy.

It serves me to meditate daily,
this is an opening to my Wholeness.

Feng Shui for World Peace

Well Said!

In gratitude and with the intention to serve.
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Bouquets of Tulips - SMA

"When I say it's you I like,
I'm talking about that part of
you that knows that life is
far more than anything you
can ever see or hear or
touch. That deep part of you
that allows you to stand for
those things without which
humankind cannot survive.
Love that conquers hate,
peace that rises triumphant
over war, and justice that
proves more powerful than

Fred Rogers

"The energy of the mind
is the essence of life."


"Prayer does not use up
artificial energy,
doesn't burn up any
fossil fuel, doesn't pollute.
Neither does song,
neither does love,
neither does the dance."

Margaret Mead

"Ideas excite me,
and as soon as I get excited,
the adrenaline gets going
and the next thing I know
I'm borrowing energy
from the ideas themselves."

Ray Bradbury

"You can search throughout the
entire universe for someone
who is more deserving of your
love and affection than
you are yourself,
and that person is
not to be found anywhere.
You yourself,
as much as anybody in the
entire universe deserve your
love and affection."

"All the breaks you need in
life wait within your
Imagination is the workshop
of your mind, capable of
turning mind energy into
accomplishment and wealth."

Napoleon Hill
"We're so engaged in doing
things to achieve purposes of
outer value that we forget
the inner value, the rapture
that is associated with being
alive, is what it is all about."

Joseph Campbell
“Our prayers should be for
blessings in general,
for God knows best
what is good for us.”