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In the strangest way is how this all began.

My first experience with an intuitive was informative
and far-reaching.
At the time, unaware of the significance,
I had no idea my life, this particular one, was about to take a turn.

While so much of what I had studied spoke of a ‘purpose’,
the concept had not become my own to consider.
My purpose seemed clearly to be a mom.
(What else?)

For this reason, when I first met intuitive
Jacqueline Ellis
the questions I prepared were elementary.
My curiosity included my child, a job, health, romance …
if there was time I would ask about past lives, reincarnation.
(Good idea.)

When posing my past-life question,
I did not expect to hear anything
of consequence so, at the time, I did not.
Fifty-some lifetimes.
A ballerina three times. A biologist once.
(That’s nice.)

Most incarnations were spent as a designer.
Many lifetimes as a designer.
(That’s nice too.)

Jacqueline went on a bit about these
past-life-designer incarnations.

Not an interior designer she said, but rather someone who
“created atmospheres”.
People who under “tremendous stress and chaos”,
thinking they had “bad luck”, came to me for help.

I went to their homes and businesses to
“read the energy, feel the atmosphere”
and pinpoint the cause of their problems.
“There’s too much energy coming in over there,
and it’s stagnant over here.”
My guides declared:

“You know how to open this stuff up!”

(Ready to move on to my next question, but I  listened … )

The guides went on to spell. “Today we call this art
F-I-N-G  S-H-O-E-Y.”
“They’re spelling it for me. Not sure I’m getting it all.”
(The guides did spell the words correctly
and this was how Jacqueline pronounced it
that first time we heard it.
Who knew?)

My guides went on to say by using
“color, sound, and light, harmonious atmospheres” are created.
Space can be energized to “magnetize, bring good things”.
Feng Shui can “enhance their living and their doing”.

“You’ve done this time and time again,
a skill you have.
This hasn’t died within you.
You still have this ability.
If you feel called, check it out.
You can create different things to happen.
It’s time to try. Play with it.”

That was in 1995, I did not feel called.

Feng Shui patiently gave several months for me
to hear my internal phone ringing.
Enough was enough.
Suddenly Feng Shui was everywhere;
you know how The Universe is.
Books appeared,
people in the grocery line talked about it,
and friends asked if I had heard of this
spacial-relationship science.
Feng Shui had landed in my life, curiously large.

Instant fascination – I could not get enough Feng Shui!
One of the strangest situations to notice was that
my home was very close to energetic balance.
(How weird!)

From that point on I read, studied, attended Feng Shui classes,
and with continued nudges from The Universe,
began consulting in 2000.

My experience since then is of service,
employing Feng Shui principles
and encouraging others to benefit as well.
Whether consulting or writing Feng Shui articles,
I have found this a transformative practice,
empowering all in its wake.

As you visit these articles,
I invite you to try an idea for yourSelf.
Let Feng Shui complement your other practices
to step even deeper into this life.

If you have read this far, thank you for your openness.
Please look around – you will find a variety of Feng Shui articles,
a morphed
Bagua grid to easily locate the life areas in your space,
affirmations to lift the energy in those areas, and more …

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In gratitude and with the intention to serve.
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--Sanaya Roman and Dwayne Packer

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but why on earth should that
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Albus Dumbledore

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